Gracey and Leeah’s farm!

Leeah Amy & Gracey May 2015 2Gracey wanted chickens on the farm since day one!  She waited patiently for an entire YEAR!  and then when the girls arrived she brought her family out to see them and named one of the tiny barred rocks Leeah after her baby sister!  Now Gracey and her sister Leeah are another year older and the little chicks are no longer well, little chicks!  But Gracey didn’t waste any time getting reacquainted with “Princess Leeah” and the other hens!

Leeah and egg May 2015The chickens didn’t disappoint!  Not only are chickens cute, funny, and very soft…they lay EGGS too!  Who knew?

Leeah & Gracey May 2015

Gracey and her parents, Amy and Chad Feight, have been shareholders of Morning Glory since the beginning!  Leeah just joined the fun last year (and after eating three raw asparagus stalks on her way home from the farm I think she’s really going to like all the fresh veggies this season!)

We are so glad that Amy and Chad have made Morning Glory “their” farm.  We love having them visit and LOVE that the girls see where their food comes from!

We’d love for your family to make Morning Glory YOUR farm!


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