Nothing says “I LOVE YOU” like veggies!

VeggiesHeartCutoutTell your sweetheart just how much you love them with 30 weeks of fresh, local, nutritious, delicious Morning Glory veggies!  Spring, Summer, and Fall Shares available NOW!  Happy Valentine’s Day, Veggie-lovers!


Innovative Aesthetics OPEN HOUSE TODAY!!!

I just met with Dusty, the Diet Consultant and Office Manager from Innovative Aesthetics!  Dusty is a beautiful woman that is helping others make positive changes in their lives!  I loved hearing her story and seeing her passion for helping others!  Stop by their OPEN HOUSE today and meet Dusty and learn about all the services they provide.  There will be plenty of fun, raffles, and special prizes too!  TODAY noon to 7 pm at 788 8th Avenue SE in Cedar Rapids.

NEXT THURSDAY, MAY 28, at 5:30 Morning Glory will be hosting clients from Innovative Aesthetics that are interested in healthier food options!  Come see how we can make eating healthier easier for you!

Gracey and Leeah’s farm!

Leeah Amy & Gracey May 2015 2Gracey wanted chickens on the farm since day one!  She waited patiently for an entire YEAR!  and then when the girls arrived she brought her family out to see them and named one of the tiny barred rocks Leeah after her baby sister!  Now Gracey and her sister Leeah are another year older and the little chicks are no longer well, little chicks!  But Gracey didn’t waste any time getting reacquainted with “Princess Leeah” and the other hens!

Leeah and egg May 2015The chickens didn’t disappoint!  Not only are chickens cute, funny, and very soft…they lay EGGS too!  Who knew?

Leeah & Gracey May 2015

Gracey and her parents, Amy and Chad Feight, have been shareholders of Morning Glory since the beginning!  Leeah just joined the fun last year (and after eating three raw asparagus stalks on her way home from the farm I think she’s really going to like all the fresh veggies this season!)

We are so glad that Amy and Chad have made Morning Glory “their” farm.  We love having them visit and LOVE that the girls see where their food comes from!

We’d love for your family to make Morning Glory YOUR farm!

Family, Fun and Food!

What a great weekend with family visiting from St. Louis!  My sis-in-law Laura and my nephew Elliott arrived late Thursday evening and jumped into the action!

Elliott soil blocking May 2015While I was at work on Friday Elliott worked on making soil blocks so that we could get some more things planted in the greenhouse if we had a rain day!

Elliott was quick to bond with the chickens…or should I say they were quick to bond with him…or his boots to be exact!Elliott chicken coop May 2015 2

Elliott chicken coop May 2015Can’t begin to tell you how thrilled I was when Elliott volunteered to clean out the chicken coop…did I mention he VOLUNTEERED!!!  That was no small job!

Seems I’m not the only one that enjoys the zero-turn lawn mower…it’s like riding a go-cart and getting some much needed yard work done at the same time!

Elliott mower May 2015 2

Elliott is taking rock climbing in school…so he thought he’d take advantage of some other climbing experiences while he was here!Elliott in apple tree May 2015Elliott windmill May 2015

Laura was a big help with the planting:  273 heads of lettuce and 227 pepper plants planted and hooped!  Yes, folks!  That’s a BIG help!  Those are pepper plants in that tractor scoop and yes, that is Elliott on the mower…again!

Laura & Bill May 2015Bill with peppers May 2015Elliott mower May 2015

Elliott cooking May 2015Elliott is an amazing chef (a local celebrity chef in St. Louis!).  He is really into cooking with fresh, seasonal ingredients and loves the whole FARM TO TABLE concept.  After all of our hard work on Saturday Elliott treated us to a gourmet dinner of:

  • stuffed mushroom caps
  • spinach and arugula salad
  • pickled radishes
  • risotto with parmesan cheese
  • asparagus
  • grilled mahi mahi

He took advantage of having fresh asparagus, garlic, and herbs from Morning Glory and spinach, arugula and radishes from Abbe Hills Farm here in Mount Vernon!  What an amazing dinner and such a treat after a long full day of working on the farm.  THANKS ELLIOTT!!!!

Did I mention Aunt Shelly was in and out at the farm this weekend too?  And she loves fresh radishes!Shelly radish May 2015

Crew #2 AWESOME Volunteer Day at MORNING GLORY – May 2, 2015

We love visitors at MORNING GLORY!  Especially when they volunteer to work!  We always seem to accomplish many things and have lots of fun in the process!

Jazlyn & Sam May 2015Jazlyn & Sam May 2015 2Jazlyn and Sam planting lettuce seeds in the greenhouse in soil blocks made by the champion soil block makers:  Jada, Mac and Sam!

Jazlyn Jada & Mack May 2015Jada and Mac planting lettuce seeds under the watchful eye of Jazlyn (the experienced seed planter)!

Jada & Mack May 2015Jada and Mac:  Asparagus Hunters!

Jada and Jazlyn’s family are the newest members of MORNING GLORY and I have a feeling that we will be seeing this crew a lot this summer!  I can’t wait!


Things are happening!

What’s alreapeppers in greenhouse 2015dy planted in the fields?

carrots, potatoes, onions, leeks, garlic, beets, radishes, kohlrabi, cabbage, kale, peas, spinach…

What’s growing in the greenhouse?

more kohlrabi and cabbage…and choi, broccoli, eggplant, peppers, tomatoes, herbs, Brussels sprouts, lettuce, lettuce, and more lettuce!

lettuce in greehouse 2015